Build your own color database


The delivery includes the unique colorStriker software. It ensures authentic reproduction of the appropriate colours on the monitor, as well as direct visual comparison with reference measurements, manual data entry, external references, and standard colour tables. In addition, you can create own colour archives and comfortably manage. Check the desired colour effect in the most varied applications, for example to ingrain, signposts, or leather directly on the screen with the built-in texture library.


True-colour reproduction with on-screen measurements                

Helps you build your own colour reference database                    

Non-contact measurement of a wide range of different materials (from wall paints to car paint, and even skin tones)                     

Handy to use: 120 g, measuring device with accumulator (rechargeable battery)

Product features

  • true-colour reproduction with onscreen measurements
  • build up your own quality management system with our help,
  • create your own reference database, and create a better quality.
  • fast, accurate transmission via Bluetooth
  • non-contact measurement of different materials (from wall paints about car paint, even skin tones)
  • handy: only 120 g; versatile application possibilities
  • long-lasting LED light source; outstanding long-term stability
  • custom hardware and software solutions

Technical data

  • type: Truecolormeter
  • geometry: 45 ° / 0 ° or 0 ° / 45 °, according to ISO 13655 or DIN 5033
  • resolution: 12 bit resolution per colour channel
  • measuring range: 400-700 nm; measuring field: 15 mm
  • accuracy < 0.6 deltaE; repeatability < 0,2 deltaE
  • size: 60 x 110 x 40 mm, weight: 120 g
  • lighting: long-lasting white light of LEDs
  • 2 MCTS True Color sensors
  • compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7