Infinite colors

5 unique and natural fibers for your colour charts and sale systems

Who we are


Manufacturers of hair colour charts for over 60 years now, the GEORGE Group and MATHAI Company joined forces in 2016, bringing together all their talent and expertise as George Mathai.

George Mathai is the world's leading specialist and manufacturer of communication materials using swatches of synthetic hair. 

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We design and produce


Our four creative and prepress studios located around the world continuously work alongside our R&D departments to come up with new and exclusive communication materials with an infinite range of swatch styles, allowing us to meet the needs and requirements of every client.  For all your POS needs, we work hand-in-hand with you to produce 3D designs, mock-ups and graphics.

We manage artworks and prepare for print right through to finalising your projects and manufacturing your hair colour charts.

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World leader in color charts


The first choice of your colour expression is our brand's promise to you, which we fulfil thanks to our unrivalled expertise in replicating hair colour across the world.  Whatever your hair colour chart style, we offer customised solutions tailored to meet each individual client's needs. Thanks to our colour-matching department and hair colour comparison systems, George Mathai guarantees optimum, long-lasting and incredibly natural colour results.

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Unique and natural


Thanks to the merging of the George Group and Mathai Company, George Mathai has expanded its catalogue of fibres and is now the world's only hair colour chart manufacturer to offer a choice of five different fibres depending on your desired effects and shades.

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